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Different Types Of Roof

Posted on 15 March 2018 by admin (0)

Different Types Of Roof


With the aid of technology, people have been able to live comfortable and better lives in their homes. Roofs are of different types, shapes, and sizes. This article is based on the roof types in residential areas. There are numerous types such as, gable, gambrel, flat, hip, mansard, shed, saw-tooth, and butterfly roof. This article will be restricted to gable, and gambrel roof.

Gable roof

This is the most used and common roof in most homes. It is made up of two slopes which converge at the top thereby forming an inverted “v”. This particular type has its advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are that it easily sheds water thereby preventing leaks. The second is that due to its easy design, its construction will be highly affordable and inexpensive. Some of its disadvantages are that it is more prone to wind damage than other roof types. Also, it is not so appealing to vintage or historic style homes.

Gambrel roof

This type of roof is mainly used on farm houses and barns and it comprises two different slopes. The lower of the two is steeper when compared with the other one. This roof is rounded slightly at the top. Its advantages are that its maintenance and construction are cheap. Also, its building materials are fewer when compared with other types. Its disadvantages are that it has a high tendency of collapsing during heavy snowfall. Also, if it’s poorly constructed, it will it will lead to leak. Give yourself the best.